English speaking gymnastic instructors with Kids

Please contact us if you :

 ・English (Native level)
 ・Good at Sports


★Second job/ Part-time job: 2,000 JPY - 5,000 JPY / Hour
★Proper job: 
  - member, 250,000 JPY - /Month
  - manager, 300,000 JPY - /Month
            *based on your experience.

★Working style
  - 8 hours a day
  - 5 days a week (incl. Saturdays or Sundays)
  - day-off: 2 days a week, plus national holidays

  - Saitama area (Omiya, Urawa, Toda, Kawaguchi)
  - Tokyo area (TBD)

★Job Description
To teach English and Sport (coordination training) to kids (4 years old - 12 years old). Our coordination training is fun play with using body, and the aim is to stimulate their motor skills in various ways.
Besides the coordination training, the whole lesson is held in English and designed for learning English through the fun play.
(As long as you have learning motivation, you don't need to be worried about current knowledge about coordination training. )

For the beginning, you will be assigned as a sub instructor and learn how to build, proceed those lessons.
Once you are ready, then your turn as main instructor.

★Job description (part-time worker)
  - To instruct lessons
  - To build lessons

★Job description (member)
  - To instruct lessons
  - To build lessons
  - To sell our school
  - To administrate school

★Job description (manager)
  - To instruct lessons
  - To instruct our instructors
  - To recruit instructors
  - To administrate several schools
  - To sell our school

★Required skills/experiences
  - Native level of English
  - Good at sports
  - Basic level of Japanese
  - Love kids with big smile
  - 18 years old or above


Please feel free to contact us  if you have any question!